About the Publication

First published in 1993, The Elder Law Journal is the oldest scholarly publication in the country dedicated to addressing elder law issues. We are an academic publication published bi-annually by the students of the University of Illinois College of Law concerning elder law topics. Each issue consists of three parts: a lead, student, and recent development/essay sections.

The Elder Law Journal publishes manuscripts that not only address policy decisions but also guide practicing attorneys. Thus, the scope of The Elder Law Journal makes it the perfect addition to the libraries of attorneys who advise clients on estate planning, living wills, arrangements for long-term nursing care, qualifying for Medicaid, as well as other areas of law pertinent to the elderly. Additionally, articles in The Elder Law Journal are of interest to scholars and professionals in fields such as social work, gerontology, ethics, and medicine.

Purpose of ELJ

The purpose of The Elder Law Journal is twofold: to provide subscribers with cogent analyses of significant elder law problems and to provide student members with a valuable educational experience. ELJ’s goal is to provide practitioners, judges, professors, and law students with useful discussions of important elder law topics. Equally important is the educational experience ELJ offers to its members. The writing assignments and editorial process give each member an opportunity to improve their writing skills and research techniques. In addition, journal work strengthens a student’s ability to analyze problems in both familiar and unfamiliar areas of the law. Finally, the self-discipline and analytical proficiency members attain through working on ELJ prove to be valuable assets for their future careers.