Volume 27 Number 1 (2019)


  1. Making End-of-Life Care Decisions for Older Adults Subject to Guardianship
    • Zachary Sager
    • Casey Catlin
    • Heather Connors
    • Timothy Farrell
    • Pamela Teaster
    • Jennifer Moye
  2. Elderly Gun Ownership and the Wave of State Red Flag Laws: An Unintended Consequence that Could Help Many
    • Tara Sklar
  3. State Automatic Enrollment IRAs after the Trump Election: Are They Preempted by ERISA?
    • Kathryn L. Moore
  4. The Expressive, ProtectiveTM Estate Planning Strategy: A New Paradigm for Estate Planning Design and Administration
    • David W. Wick


  1. Caught in the Eye of the Storm: The Disproportionate Impact of Natural Disasters on the Elderly Population in the United States
    • Myles Maltz
  2. Gambling Granny: The Elderly’s Propensity for Gambling Addiction and the Need for Effective Legal and Legislative Remedies to Prevent It
    • Michael Mayerck
  3. Jailed While Frail: Examining Rationales for Incarcerating Aging and Infirm Criminals
    • Grace McCarten

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