Volume 27 Number 2 (2019)


  1. Compensation for Resident-to-Resident Attacks in Senior Living Facilities 
    • Jason R. Sakis and Daniel B. Kennedy, Ph.D.
  2. An Analysis of Elder Financial Exploitations: Financial Institutions Shirking their Legal Obligations to Prevent, Detect, and Report this “Hidden” Crime
    • Jesse R. Morton and Scott Rosenbaum
  3. Too Big to Fail?: The U.S. Retirement System in 2019
    • David A. Pratt


  1. Giving Up the Ghost: How the Funeral Rule and State Licensing Boards are Failing to Protect Consumers from Underhanded Undertakers
    • Adam Gottschalk
  2. “Like Mean Girls But Everyone is Eighty”: A Solution for Elder Bullying 
    • Brittany Wiegand
  3. Give Grandma Her Day in Court: In Defense of Competetive Selection of Administrative Law Judges for the Social Security Administration
    • Ryan Weitendorf

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