Volume 31 Number 2 (2023)


  1. Dying Alone? Do-It-Yourself Caregiver Agreements for Gayby Boomers and Other Aging Americans
    • William N. Eskridge Jr.
  2. Good Intentions Are Not Enough: A Critique of Elder Abuse Law
    • David Ray Papke
  3. Toward a New Generation of “Caregiver Statutes”
    • Jamie G. McWilliam


  1. Caught Bread-Handed: Exposing Long-Term Care Facilities’ Legal Non-Compliance in Caring for Elderly Residents with Celiac Disease
    • Megan Benka
  2. Righting One of America’s Greatest Wrongs: Making the Case for Trying Now-Elderly Participants Involved in Deadly Hate Crimes
    • Renee Pabalate
  3. Gay Pride and Prejudice
    • Dakota Richmond