Note Publication Decisions 2018-2019

The Elder Law Journal congratulates the following members whose notes have been chosen for publication in 2018-2019: 

(Best Note) William Hrabe, Extending Disparate Impact Claims to Protect Job Applicants Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act 

Daniel Lewis, Thank You For Your Service: Why Elderly Veterans with PTSD Need Medical-Legal Partnerships

Myles Maltz, Caught in the Eye of the Storm: A Look at the Disproportionate Impact Natural Disasters Have on the Elderly Population in the United States

Michael MayerckGambling Granny: the Elderly’s Propensity for Gambling Addiction and the Need for Effective Legal and Legislative Remedies to Prevent it

Grace McCarten, Elderly Criminals and the Purposes of Punishment

Nora McGuire, Whose Dime Is It Anyway? A Comprehensive Look at Federal and State Government Landscapes for Senior Financial Exploitation Laws Concerning Financial Institutions

2018-2019 Board of Directors

The Elder Law Journal is pleased to announce its 2017-2018 Board of Editors:
Editor-in-Chief: Grace McCarten
Managing Editor: Tanner Long
Executive Administrative Editor: Nora McGuire
Administrative Editors: Alex Schnepf & Eileen Loftus
Articles Editors: Kiran Gill & Will Hrabe
Notes Editors: Jake Andreasen, Maria Pulido & Mike Mayerck
Admissions Editor: Myles Maltz
Topics Editor: Josh Fishman
Internet Editor: Britta Johnson

2017-2018 Notes Selected for Publication

The Elder Law Journal congratulates the following members whose notes have been chosen for publication in 2017-2018: 

(Best Note) Daniel Burley, The Ban Down Under: The U.S. Should Adopt Australian-Style Gun Regulations to Curb Rising Rate of Elderly Suicide

Zachary Anderson, Solving America’s Long-Term Care Financing Crisis: Financing Universal Long-Term Care Insurance with a Mandatory Federal Income Tax Surcharge that Increases with Age

Lydia Faklis, Can They Still Decide at 75?: Increasing the Jury “Opt-Out” Age from 70 to 75

Alexander Karl, Uncle Sam Killed Grandma: How the Estate Tax Can Help Alleviate Medicare Uncertainty

Peter Legrand, The Potential Unconstitutionality to the Consumer Financial Protection Board and its Ramifications for the Elderly

Dominique Ritvo, The Leftover: Where Do Elderly Prisoners Go When Released?

2017-2018 Board of Editors

The Elder Law Journal is pleased to announce its 2017-2018 Board of Editors:
Editor-in-Chief: Philip Sailer
Managing Editor: Lydia Faklis
Executive Administrative Editor: Peter Legrand
Administrative Editors: Alex Karl & Jani Mikel
Articles Editors: Dan Burley & Dominique Ritvo
Notes Editors: Karla Bayas Salinas, Cody Black,& Katelyn Jun
Admissions Editor: Michelle Bae
Topics Editor: Brianna Richardson
Internet Editor: Zach Anderson


Notes Accepted for Publication in 2016-2017

The Elder Law Journal congratulates the following members whose notes have been chosen for publication in 2016-2017: 

Best Note: Shaleen Morales, Flaming Fifties and Beyond: An International Comparison of Age Discrimination Laws and How the United States Could Improve the Laws for Elderly Women, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Kathryn Campbell, Granny Dealing Drugs on the Government’s Dime: Why Medicare and Medicaid Should Have Safeguards in Place to Prevent Abuse, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Melissa Deutschman, Incapacity by Status Versus Functional Ability: Preserving the Right to Vote for Elderly Americans with Diminished Mental Capacity While Upholding the Integrity of Elections, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Tatiana Oriaikhi, Home Care Workers, More Than Just Companions: the Final Rule and the Fight for Home Care Stabilization, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Rachael Bernal, Do I Really Have To? An Examination of Mandatory Reporting Statutes and the Civil and Criminal Penalties Imposed for Failure to Report Elder Abuse, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Anna Corcoran, The Primary Purpose for Admitting Hearsay over Confrontation Challenges in Elder Abuse Cases: A Framework for Bringing Unavailability Concerns into the Light in a Post-Crawford World, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Joseph Robinson, Live Black…Retire Poor…Die Early: How Social Security as an Institution Continues to Perpetuate the Social Racism of the 1920’s, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

2016-2017 Board of Editors Elected

The Elder Law Journal is pleased to announce its 2016-2017 Board of Editors:

Editor-in-Chief: Melissa Deutschman

Managing Editor: Kathryn Campbell 

Executive Administrative Editor: Audrey Thompson

Administrative Editors: Telma Erebor & Natalie Ellis 

Articles Editors: Ryan Harding & Daniel Walbright 

Notes Editors: Anna Corcoran, Daniel Gutt, Megan McKisson 

Admissions Editor: Sarah Hyon 

The Elder Law Journal Welcomes New Members

The Elder Law Journal would like to welcome the following new members: 

Katherine Arenas

Tamires Bastos

Rachael Bernal

Kathryn Campbell

Anna Corcoran

Melissa Deutschman

Natalie Ellis

Telma Erebor

Zihui Gu

Daniel Gutt

Ryan Harding

Yen-Fong Huang

Sarah Hyon

Yang Li

Zhiyuan Liu

Cameron Lythberg

Megan McKisson

Shaleen Morales Saldarriaga

Tatiana Oriaikhi

Aayushi Patel

Joseph Robinson

Audrey Thompson

Elaina Valtierra

Daniel Walbright


Stephanie Tang’s Article Highlighted in The Elder Law Professor Blog

The Elder Law Journal congratulates Journal Member Stephanie Tang whose article, When “Yes” Might Mean “No”: Standardizing State Criteria to Validate the Capacity to Consent to Sexual Activity for Elderly with Neurocognitive Disorders, was recently featured in the Elder Law Professor Blog. Stephanie’s article is featured in our current issue (Volume 2, Number 2 (2015)). Read Professor Pearson’s commentary on Stephanie’s article here.