The Elder Law Journal congratulates the following members whose notes have been chosen for publication in 2016-2017: 

Best Note: Shaleen Morales, Flaming Fifties and Beyond: An International Comparison of Age Discrimination Laws and How the United States Could Improve the Laws for Elderly Women, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Kathryn Campbell, Granny Dealing Drugs on the Government’s Dime: Why Medicare and Medicaid Should Have Safeguards in Place to Prevent Abuse, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Melissa Deutschman, Incapacity by Status Versus Functional Ability: Preserving the Right to Vote for Elderly Americans with Diminished Mental Capacity While Upholding the Integrity of Elections, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Tatiana Oriaikhi, Home Care Workers, More Than Just Companions: the Final Rule and the Fight for Home Care Stabilization, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Rachael Bernal, Do I Really Have To? An Examination of Mandatory Reporting Statutes and the Civil and Criminal Penalties Imposed for Failure to Report Elder Abuse, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Anna Corcoran, The Primary Purpose for Admitting Hearsay over Confrontation Challenges in Elder Abuse Cases: A Framework for Bringing Unavailability Concerns into the Light in a Post-Crawford World, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

Joseph Robinson, Live Black…Retire Poor…Die Early: How Social Security as an Institution Continues to Perpetuate the Social Racism of the 1920’s, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2016-17).

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