By Bradley Geller

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Historically, the guardianship procedure has not been as protective of the rights of the individual as may be desired. In this essay, Mr. Geller examines the evolving guardianship reform process that has taken place in Michigan over the past decade. Mr. Geller believes that even though the Michigan reform is far from complete, other states can profit by examining the process and substance of Michigan ‘s reform efforts. He begins his essay with an overview of the state’s history of guardianship reform, including, the goals that reformers wished to attain. Mr. Geller then describes the resulting legislation — The Michigan Guardianship Reform Act — and the hurdles that remained after its passage. He continues by gauging the impact of the reform and ultimately concludes by identifying issues and expounding proposals that will keep the Michigan guardianship reform efforts moving forward.

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Bradley Geller is counsel for Wahstenaw County Probate Court in Ann Arbor , Michigan, and is an active participant in the Michigan guardianship reform process.

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