The Elder Law Journal congratulates the following members whose notes have been chosen for publication in 2015-2016: 

Best Note: Daniel Latona, Reversing Course: Strengthening Consumer Protections for Reverse Mortgages, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16). 

Ashley Altobella, “But I’m Not Dangerous, Judge, I Promise!”: Evaluating the Implications of Involuntary Civil Commitment Criteria and Outpatient Treatment Methods on the Elderly, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

Kristen Chang, Shining the Light on Pearly Whites: Improving Oral Care for Elders in a Post-Affordable Care Act World, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

Maureen Cleary, Driving with Dementia: The Necessity of a Comprehensive Reporting Scheme, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

Allison Slocum, Dearly Departed, Dearly Needed, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

Breanna Taylor, Drugging Grandma: The Severe Dangers of Chemically Restraining Nursing Home Residents with Potent Antipsychotic and Psychotropic Pharmaceuticals, Elder L.J. (forthcoming 2015–16).

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