The Elder Law Journal congratulates the following members whose notes have been chosen for publication in 2017-2018: 

(Best Note) Daniel Burley, The Ban Down Under: The U.S. Should Adopt Australian-Style Gun Regulations to Curb Rising Rate of Elderly Suicide

Zachary Anderson, Solving America’s Long-Term Care Financing Crisis: Financing Universal Long-Term Care Insurance with a Mandatory Federal Income Tax Surcharge that Increases with Age

Lydia Faklis, Can They Still Decide at 75?: Increasing the Jury “Opt-Out” Age from 70 to 75

Alexander Karl, Uncle Sam Killed Grandma: How the Estate Tax Can Help Alleviate Medicare Uncertainty

Peter Legrand, The Potential Unconstitutionality to the Consumer Financial Protection Board and its Ramifications for the Elderly

Dominique Ritvo, The Leftover: Where Do Elderly Prisoners Go When Released?

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