Volume 1, Issue 1

The Medicare Alzheimer’s Disease Demonstration – Colleen C. Manning

Colleen Manning describes the federally funded research program entitled the Medicare Alzheimer’s Disease Demonstration. This study will have implications for the containment of costs and the provision of necessary support services for both the client and the client’s family and friends via the Medicare program. In particular, the researchers seek to identify optimal loads and monitoring methods for case managers, optimal means for providing support service and education for caregivers, and providing family service counseling in light of the status of the patient and the patient’s environment. The goal of the program is to provide better support while delaying the patient’s reliance on Medicaid. Finally, Ms. Manning shares some early findings from the Carle Clinic, Urbana , Illinois , demonstration site.

Colleen C. Manning, J.D. 1992, University of Illinois , is a member of the Illinois bar and employed by Meyer, Capel , Hirschfield, Muncy , Jahn & Aldeen , P.C.