The Elder Law Journal congratulates the following members whose notes have been chosen for publication in 2018-2019: 

(Best Note) William Hrabe, Extending Disparate Impact Claims to Protect Job Applicants Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act 

Daniel Lewis, Thank You For Your Service: Why Elderly Veterans with PTSD Need Medical-Legal Partnerships

Myles Maltz, Caught in the Eye of the Storm: A Look at the Disproportionate Impact Natural Disasters Have on the Elderly Population in the United States

Michael MayerckGambling Granny: the Elderly’s Propensity for Gambling Addiction and the Need for Effective Legal and Legislative Remedies to Prevent it

Grace McCarten, Elderly Criminals and the Purposes of Punishment

Nora McGuire, Whose Dime Is It Anyway? A Comprehensive Look at Federal and State Government Landscapes for Senior Financial Exploitation Laws Concerning Financial Institutions

The Elder Law Journal

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